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Jun 1, 2005 2:15 PM, By the Mix Editors

November 2004—Any WhisperRoom (www.whisperroom.com) with a 5-foot wall or larger can be configured with a Wide-Access door upgrade. Available for WhisperRoom's standard single-wall or enhanced isolation double-wall systems, the upgrade is perfect for applications that require the passage of large items into and out of the WhisperRoom. Also, a ramp system is available for wheelchair access.

April 2004—WhisperRoom SE 2000 Series portable/modular sound isolation enclosures are perfect for recording, broadcasting, etc. Nineteen sizes and two levels of isolation (enhanced single-wall and enhanced double-wall) are available for immediate shipment. Flexible design characteristics allow WhisperRooms to be tailored to specific customer needs. Caster-plate platforms are available for customers who require mobility or need additional downward sound control. SoundWave Deflection Systems are available to convert interior WhisperRoom walls from parallel to non-parallel.

April 2003—WhisperRoom manufacturers portable/modular sound isolation enclosures. Nineteen sizes and two levels of isolation—standard (single-wall) and enhanced (double-wall)—are available for immediate shipping. A standard single-wall system can be upgraded to an enhanced double-wall system by installing the appropriate Isolation Enhancement Package. All units include door window, ventilation system(s), cable passages and acoustical foam. Optional features: wall window(s), caster plate, ventilation-silencing system(s) and SoundWave Deflection System.

October 2002—Designed for recording, broadcasting and music practice, WhisperRoom sound-isolation enclosures are available in 19 sizes and two levels of isolation. The newest option for customizing the enclosures, SoundWave Deflection Systems are available for the interior of all SE 2000 Series WhisperRooms. By attaching a series of SDS deflector panels to two perpendicular interior wall surfaces, parallel walls are converted to non-parallel to control reflections and prevent resonant frequencies.

June 2002—WhisperRoom's line of modular and expandable 7-foot-tall sound-isolation rooms can be tailored from a snug 3.5x2.5-foot vocal booth up to a 8.5x15.5-foot room ($2,185 to $18,525 and up, respectively, depending on options). Each WhisperRoom can expand in wall thickness, size and features when the user chooses from a selection of wall and door window, ventilation system, caster plate and Soundwave Deflection System (SDS) options. (SDS panels are available for all SE2000 Series WhisperRooms, and are used to control soundwave reflections and to convert parallel into nonparallel walls when the user attaches a series of panels to two perpendicular walls.) A 1⁄4-inch-thick window deflector option kit redirects soundwave reflections when mics need to be placed in front of a WhisperRoom window.

June 2001—With 15 sizes available that start at $1,520, WhisperRoom's SE Series of sound-isolation enclosures can fit most any sound need. Each component is completely finished and ready to install out of the box, has a three-year warranty, and comes in standard and enhanced sound-isolation versions. (Standard packages can later be upgraded to an enhanced double-walled system by installing one of WhisperRoom's appropriate Isolation Enhancement Packages.) An 8.5x15.5-foot, preconfigured room with two lights, a door window, 10 cable passages and 15 foam sheets (standard pyramid foam) is $8,495. There are also optional wall windows, caster plates with five wheels, a variety of ventilation packages and upgrade paths for expanding a basic WhisperRoom.

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